Virtual Repair Q&A from Malmö, Sweden

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Virtual Repair Q&A with Fixit Clinics USA

Virtual Fixit Clinic DLVIII (558) Lund/Malmö Sweden

1 August 2020

starting at 8pm local time (Eastern European Summer Time)

(Any local repair community can participate in Virtual Fixit Clinics so please encourage your friends and neighbors to sign up with things to fix at (And remember: we can take on large things like dishwashers, riding mowers and furniture now.)

Don’t miss our August 1 Intergalactic Virtual Fixit Clinic out of Lund/Malmö Sweden (advance registration necessary but all are welcome, even if you’re just curious.)

Virtual Fixit Clinics bring the world's greatest troubleshooting talent together to address whatever's presented through "virtual" Fixit Clinics using teleconferencing software (Zoom.)

Here's how it works: show your broken item to the global assembly of community repairers and get suggestions for things to try. After all items are presented we assign items/participants and repairers to Zoom breakout rooms to implement the suggestions and, hopefully, fix the items.

GOT SOMETHING BROKEN? In addition to “carry-in items” we can look at big things like dishwashers, TVs and furniture now. Sign up with things to fix at

Vill du ha hjälp på svenska? Vi kommer också att ha svensktalande voluntärer för att hjälpa (auch Deutsch)! Skriv önskat språk när du registrerar dig.

FIXERS: All community repairers worldwide are heartily invited to participate, either to help fix or just observe, learn and cross-train. Sign up well in advance at