Virtual Fixit Clinic

Hosted by Global Community Repairer Howdy Goudey.
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  • Where: via Zoom
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Hi Global Fixers:

Whether you want to help fix or just observe for cross-training, knowledge sharing and skill-sharing you’re invited to Saturday’s Global Virtual Fixit Clinic graciously hosted by our own Howdy Goudey from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the home of the first cyclotron (Thanks, Howdy!)

IMPORTANT: please sign up _well in advance_ at to get the Zoom link. (Email me Friday if you signed up but didn’t receive the Zoom link.)

WHAT: Virtual Fixit Clinic DLVI (556) Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL)
WHEN: Saturday Jun 27, 2020 18:00 GMT (=20:00 CET =14:00 EDT =13:00 CDT =Noon MDT =11:00 PDT)

** And please join the Global Fixers Google Group at!forum/global-fixers to participate in ongoing discussion about the items we’re seeing **

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday (virtually, that is.)

Regards, -Peter

Peter Mui @ Fixit Clinic - Cultivating resilient communities through all-ages do-it-together hands-on fix-n-learn community disassembly and discovery
[email protected]

What might we see? Here are some confirmed and tentative items (subject to change):

  • From Brookline Massachusetts US: Laptop MacBook Pro A1278 Doesn’t turn on
  • From Richmond California US: Fan Toastmaster model # 4437 2010 or earlier Dead Took off the cover and cleaned off the fur-like dust covering the blades and back.
  • From Berkeley California US: Window Fan Bionaire BW2100R 2017 "Simply stopped working one day. (The plug fell out of the wall socket. The wall socket has since been replaced as other appliances also would not stay plugged in. Tried the fan in several other outlets, still doesn't work. ) Checked fuse it is fine." "Took fuse to hardware store. Tested out fine. Disassembled down to circuit board.  Nothing seems amiss, but I am not sure what to check for."
  • From El Cerriito California US: Dishwasher Bosch SHE44C02UC 2010 or earlier Won't drain the last bit of water; on/off power button not working cleaned fine and large filters, reset breaker, Called Bosch; they said call authorized repair service. Authorized repair co  says can't come until at least sometime in July. I cannot pull it out from under the counter by myself.
  • From Blue Hill Maine US: Chair straight backed 2010 or earlier Rungs have separated from legs Hammered them back in, but didn't hold
  • From Berkeley California US: Bicycle Fork Rock Shox Quadra 21R bike fork attached to a bike. Rock Shox/SRAM Quadra 21R 2010 or earlier hex bolt is frozen/difficult to access deep down inside the fork The nature of the problem is a hex screw which is frozen/difficult to access because it is deep down in a metal tube (a suspension fork). It is not a “common” fix it job, but I got one screw out and there remains the other. I’ve got 5 and 5.5 mm hex long wrenches, liquid nails, YouTube
  • From Berkeley California US: vacuum cleaner Hoover WindTunnel WindTunnel 2010 or earlier No suction at the base. Cleared out all the areas
  • From Castro Valley California US: Food processor Cuisinart Custom pro 11 ev-11 series 2010 or earlier Won’t turn on
  • From Jamaica Plain (Boston) Massachusetts US: sewing machine Singer 4830C 2010 or earlier The machine races, to the point where I can't keep up with how fast the needle is sewing. It sometimes goes in and out of racing, but generally there's almost no control with the foot pedal. I've done web research but found very little about this. I partly took apart the machine to clean it and oil it, but this didn't work.
  • aaaand From Arlington Massachusetts US: Angela (composter from last VFC) is back with a Salt crystal lamp The Original Salt Co. I want to replace dimmer switch with an "on/off" switch.