Hastings (NY) Repair Café

Three instructional sessions to help you be more successful in your repair projects.
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Session A 3:30—4:15pm

Iris: Bring Spring Indoors During Winter

Iris Dudman, avid gardener and community leader will share one of her many skills, in forcing bulbs and flowers to bloom and brighten up your winter.

Session B 4:30—5:15pm

Suzie: Simple Home Jewelry Repair

Suzie Fromer, jewelry designer of Little Hook Co. and community advocate, will share simple methods to save some ofyour precious jewelry.

Session C 5:30—6:15pm

Pat: Repair Moth Holes in your Favorite Sweater

Pat Slaven, a knitting and dyeing master, among her many other talents, will teach you how to mend a hole in your sweater. Come watch and learn with answers to some of your burning questions.