2020-06-27 Virtual Fixit Clinic

27 June 2020 Virtual Fixit Clinic 556 from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Berkeley CA US

The video picks up partway through the event. Additional details about the repairs discussed appears in the notes below.

We saw:
  • From Berkeley California US: Eyeglasses Serafina Not sure 2015 part that goes around the ear broke yes, tried glue and tape and some other things but no luck. very light - a few ounces
  • From Jamaica Plain (Boston) Massachusetts US: sewing machine Singer 4830C 2010 or earlier The machine races, to the point where I can't keep up with how fast the needle is sewing. It sometimes goes in and out of racing, but generally there's almost no control with the foot pedal. I've done web research but found very little about this. I partly took apart the machine to clean it and oil it, but this didn't work.
  • From Richmond California US: Fan Toastmaster model # 4437 2010 or earlier Dead Took off the cover and cleaned off the fur-like dust covering the blades and back. (Laurel picked up a multimeter from me earlier this week.)
  • From Berkeley California US: Bicycle Fork Rock Shox Quadra 21R bike fork attached to a bike. Rock Shox/SRAM Quadra 21R 2010 or earlier hex bolt is frozen/difficult to access deep down inside the fork The nature of the problem is a hex screw which is frozen/difficult to access because it is deep down in a metal tube (a suspension fork). It is not a “common” fix it job, but I got one screw out and there remains the other. I’ve got 5 and 5.5 mm hex long wrenches, liquid nails, YouTube
  • From Arlington Massachusetts US: Salt crystal lamp The Original Salt Co. I want to replace dimmer switch with an "on/off" switch.
  • From Berkeley California US: Kitchenaid 6qt kitchen mixer - vintage :-) KitchenAid K5SS - vintage 70's maybe 2010 or earlier It only goes on high - no variable speed. I have looked at a repair manual/troubleshooting guide, and that indicates a Phase Controller issue. I have replaced the old phase controller with a newer one, but maybe it's not compatible with a vintage model. Or maybe I damaged something else in the process.
  • From Brookline Massachusetts US: Laptop MacBook Pro A1278 Doesn’t turn on
  • From Brookline Massachusetts US: Stereo Cassette Deck TEAC V-360C 2010 or earlier Jams the tape
  • From Brookline Massachusetts US: Apple iPod Touch 32gb Doesn’t turn on
  • From Berkeley California US: Old nintendo Nintendo 2010 or earlier Missing parts?