2020-10-17 Virtual Fixit Clinic 563 Lund/Malmö Sweden

October 17 • International Repair Day Zoom event hosted by Repair Café Malmö, Sweden
Hi Global Fixers:
The video for 2020-09-27 Intergalactic Fixit Clinic DLXIII (563) Lund/Malmö Sweden
(see indexing by item below)
We saw:
-Cole From CA(Canada)-BC-Vancouver: Electronic Piano Keyboard Yamaha TYU-30 2010 or earlier Won't make sound; doesn't make sound when hitting the keys Opened it up but don't know how to troubleshoot yet. Initial presentation: https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=800 report back: https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=3748 https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=4137
https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=4859 https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=6453 (we worked with Cole and his Dad a long time in the main Zoom room between report backs)
-Susan From US-MA-Somerville: Fan Vornado Intertek 4004731 2017 Suddenly stopped working Kept turning it on and off, Plugged into another outlet Initial presentation: https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=1702 report back: https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=4632
-Patrick From US-MA-Medford: Coffee Grinder Capresso 551 2014 I'm not sure. It doesn't turn on. I cleaned out the burrs and I took it apart. Initial presentation: https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=1548 report back: https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=5890
-Ana From US-MA-Boston: Craft lamp N/A (purchased on ETSY) N/A 2020 Does not turn on. Have tried replacing the bulb and used multiple sockets. Initial presentation: https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=1893 report back: https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=5629
-Ana From US-MA-Boston: Dafni Brush Dafni 2017 Does not power on Nothing Initial presentation: https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=2094report back: https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=5706
-Kathy From US-CA(California)-?: My grandfather’s old radio General Electric GE radio model-103 2010 or earlier can’t get any radio stations Initial presentation: https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=1145 report back: https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=6833
-Kathy From US-CA(California)-?: Singer sewing machine Singer Unknown 2010 or earlier Repair shop removed parts and returned it that way, I’d like to put the parts back. https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=1316 report back: https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=5244
-Dianne From US-CA(California)-San Francisco: electric fan black and blum propello 2017 The fan will slightly turn and then it ceases turning the fan blades which are rubber I can not find a convertor Initial presentation: https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=2186 report back: https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=5418
-Cin From US-NY-New York City: Cin (portable solar radio from last Virtual Fixit Clinic) is back with a Mini USB speakers X-Mini X-mini MAX XAM9-R Portable Capsule Speaker v1.1, Stereo, Red  2011 One of the speakers works, the other one stopped working I ended up just using the one. I have not tried to fix the other one. Initial presentation: https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=2308 report back: https://youtu.be/phXu7oO5SaM?t=6061
Thanks again to everybody who participated!
See you at an upcoming virtual Fixit Clinic, -Peter

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