2020-09-16 Repair Café TV • Stuck on You, The World of Glue

The Glue Show - An exploration of more than a dozen glues you can use with great results around you home.

Repair Café Organizer Don Fick discusses the basic set of glues that every one should have in their drawer to cover the most common repair jobs.
  • Glue do's and don'ts.
  • Picking the right glue.
  • Interesting historical notes about modern glues.

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Transcript from the in-show chat

00:02:14 From Kathe Rauch  To  All Panelists : Are you set up so only you 4 can be seen on video?
00:02:58 From susan heart  To  All Panelists : 👍🏻
00:03:45 From Kathe Rauch  To  All Panelists : Raleigh NC
00:03:46 From susan heart  To  All Panelists : nj
00:03:47 From Wendi Hembree  To  All Panelists : Central Washington state
00:03:48 From Bronwyn Taggart  To  All Panelists : Hudson Valley, NY
00:03:51 From Cathy Murphy  To  All Panelists : Cary NC
00:03:51 From lisa deering  To  All Panelists : Oakland, CA
00:03:52 From Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald  To  All Panelists : Good morning from Melbourne, Australia
00:03:53 From Cassandra Carponter  To  All Panelists : apex, nc
00:03:53 From Karima Bondi  To  All Panelists : Karima, Buffalo, NY
00:03:54 From Mary Bingham  To  All Panelists : Monroe,NY
00:03:55 From Leigh Vaughan  To  All Panelists : Cary, NC
00:03:57 From Melissa Hizy  To  All Panelists : Lynchburg VA
00:03:57 From Lynn Metcalf  To  All Panelists : Moretown Vermont
00:03:57 From Jennifer M  To  All Panelists : Oakland, CA
00:03:57 From J Hoppenworth  To  All Panelists : JH from Stem NC
00:04:00 From ron oconnor  To  All Panelists : massachusetts
00:04:01 From Christine Taschuk  To  All Panelists : Raleigh nc
00:04:01 From Barbara Hertel  To  All Panelists : Barb from Brooklyn!!! NY!!
00:04:01 From Jonathan Axworthy  To  All Panelists : Jonathan from Brasilia, Brazil
00:04:02 From Suzanne Blakeney  To  All Panelists : Ellensburg, Washington
00:04:02 From Arlene Post  To  All Panelists : Ulster Park, NY
00:04:04 From Leola Specht  To  All Panelists : Hudson Valley NY
00:04:05 From Michael ONeill  To  All Panelists : Mike from Aberdeen, NC
00:04:09 From Elizabeth McCormick  To  All Panelists : Irmo, south Carolina
00:04:09 From Wally Robertson  To  All Panelists : Raleigh, NC
00:04:11 From Caroline Paulson  To  All Panelists : Caroline from New Paltz, NY
00:04:17 From John Wackman  To  All Panelists : Hi to Don & all from the Hudson Valley of NYS
00:04:17 From Pico Cantieni : Pico,  Cle Elum, WA
00:05:48 From Dave West : Dave West Niskayuna New York
00:08:30 From Jennifer M  To  All Panelists : Yes
00:08:32 From Cathy Murphy : yes
00:08:33 From Janine Costello  To  All Panelists : Yes
00:08:33 From Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald  To  All Panelists : yep
00:08:34 From John Wackman  To  All Panelists : all good!
00:08:34 From susan heart  To  All Panelists : 👍🏻
00:10:33 From Peter Mui : Binder clips work as clamps too
00:11:50 From John Wackman  To  All Panelists : re "belt clamps": we use bicycle tire tubes, cut length-wise
00:15:27 From John Wackman  To  All Panelists : The Case of the Runaway Glue
00:21:00 From Barbara Hertel  To  All Panelists : I usually use Barge Cement on shoes.
00:21:33 From Cathy Murphy : I tried making drawer knobs out of Sugru. But I didn't create enough grip in the knobs and my hands just slid off them, so had to remove them. Bought knobs at Habitat Restore.
00:22:40 From Beccah : The Restore is awesome!
00:22:57 From Phyllis Sturm  To  All Panelists : I have all these glues and everyone dries out once opened. I have to put a stick into Elmer’s to get glue out
00:25:22 From Cathy Murphy : Yes! I found 2 knobs that matched my cabinets and 2 that were close enough.
00:26:46 From Melissa Hizy  To  All Panelists : yes, keep super glue in the fridge.
00:34:01 From Chuk  To  All Panelists : Keeping CA/superglues in the fridge makes a lot of sense, since their curing is enhanced by moisture, esp. atmospheric moisture on the surface that you're gluing.  Also explains why it's better to buy it in small tubes like Don says. 
00:38:54 From Pico Cantieni : In many cases, it's best practice to let the glue bead cure and chip it off later with a sharp knife or scraper. 
00:39:35 From Elizabeth McCormick  To  All Panelists : I use a toothpick instead of a popsicle stick - it let's me use a very small amount in a more precise placement
00:39:36 From John Wackman  To  All Panelists : I've had good experiences with the dual-barrel "delivery"
00:40:57 From Beccah  To  Elizabeth McCormick and  All Panelists : Me too! Very convenient :)
00:48:10 From Beccah  To  All Panelists : When you step on them legos are super hard xD
00:49:30 From Christine Taschuk  To  All Panelists : which glue is best for use on rips in boat vinyl seats and also the seams of boat vinyl seats which are beginning to separate/weaken?
00:49:48 From Cathy Murphy : Now I know why there's blue next to the joints in my HVAC pipes!
00:49:58 From Don Fick  To  All Panelists : E6000 holds vinyl very well and is resistant to salt water
00:53:11 From susan heart  To  All Panelists : what was the name of that last product?
00:53:36 From susan heart  To  All Panelists : thank you
00:54:32 From Beccah  To  Christine Taschuk and  All Panelists : Hey Christine, there are a few glues that would work for that, I’ll make sure to bubble your question up to Don (the expert!) but I would say there is one I’ve heard of that is called Vinyl Cement, there are several brands that make this (Locite, 3M, etc.). I haven’t used it myself though.
00:55:49 From Beccah : 10 points to Don for saying that without stumbling once!
00:56:28 From Chuk  To  All Panelists : Another option for spreading your adhesives is a bamboo barbecue skewer; stiffer than a toothpick, narrower than a popsicle stick for fine placement.  
00:56:34 From Barbara Hertel  To  All Panelists : can you undo a JB Weld glued object?  basically break the bond.  I made a mistake.  oops.
00:56:59 From Barbara Hertel  To  All Panelists : Also what glue to use for metal to metal?
01:01:50 From Pico Cantieni : Pva glues will not bond to wood surfaces that have been sealed by old glue or finish. e.g. old, loose dowel joints. 
01:02:11 From John Wackman : Yellow carpenter's glue (esp Titebond II) best for any wood in my exp. Never white glue. Removing old glue is a must.
01:05:06 From Peter Mui : I store glues in airtight glass containers like mason jars, you’re trying to keep the VOCs from evaporating
01:07:55 From Phyllis Sturm  To  All Panelists : did you mention flexseal? as seen on tv
01:09:07 From Barbara Hertel  To  All Panelists : What glue would work for gluing two piece of metal together?  E6000?
01:09:23 From Pico Cantieni : Epoxy is a chemical cure. No evaporation. No need for air, moisture or ventilation.
01:09:40 From Peter Mui : You really should use toluene-based neoprene cement for a wetsuit IMO.
01:09:58 From Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald  To  All Panelists : What about UV-curing glues, like Bondic?
01:10:00 From Suzanne Blakeney  To  All Panelists : Thanks so much!!
01:10:09 From susan heart  To  All Panelists : thank you very much Don
01:12:27 From Bronwyn Taggart  To  All Panelists : Thank you so much for this! So informative! I have to go—wish I could stay longer.
01:12:53 From John Wackman : Gently chip off old glue with an exacto knife
01:13:00 From Melissa Hizy  To  All Panelists : I’d try a mechanical remedy.
01:13:31 From Cathy Murphy : Thanks for the suggestions!
01:13:39 From Beccah : Isopropyl alcohol might work for the metal/gem, but I would go conservative like Don suggested!
01:17:39 From Pico Cantieni : Tile is usually set with thinset tile adhesive. This cannot be dissolved. period. 
01:18:01 From Peter Mui : Can she try to remove as much of the glue mechanically, e.g. with a razor knife?
01:18:14 From Garren Lamprinakos : ^
01:18:16 From Pico Cantieni : Yes.  Concrete based. 
01:18:21 From Garren Lamprinakos : A heat gun might help
01:18:35 From Melissa Hizy  To  All Panelists : lay it down and scrape with a razor.
01:18:50 From Christine Taschuk : can it be sanded off, naybe
01:18:59 From Chuk  To  Don Fick(privately) : Don, I have a question for an application; best choice for a job. 
01:19:39 From Melissa Hizy  To  All Panelists : ask a pipe fitter.
01:19:58 From Pico Cantieni : Stress the importance of cleaning joining surfaces before bonding. Important to remove dust and/or grease from joint for reliable bond.
01:20:19 From J Hoppenworth  To  All Panelists : would taking the bowl to a metal welder work?
01:21:21 From Cathy Murphy : Great show, Don! Really appreciated your pictures, demos and real examples.
01:21:32 From Pico Cantieni : Epoxy joints should not be clamped tight. Tight clamping can result in excessive squeeze-out and a glue-starved joint. 
01:23:05 From John Wackman : No one has mentioned Gorilla Glue--which has been marketed very successfully. What has been others' experience? Does anyone recommend it? (I do not)
01:23:47 From Melissa Hizy  To  All Panelists : would you please advise about spontaneous combustion?
01:23:50 From Pico Cantieni : White and yellow glues used to bond wood require clean, flat, tightly mating surfaces for a good bond. They are not gap-filling and must be tightly clamped.
01:24:21 From Cathy Murphy : I used Gorilla Glue on a wood box and it permanently stuck to the plastic drop cloth I had underneath...
01:24:43 From Peter Mui : I’ve been advocating for sharing glues in a community e.g. local libraries loaning out glues esp the specialty ones like HH-66 for PVC.
01:25:48 From Peter Mui : See homemade sugru on instructables.com
01:27:06 From Hannah Scarpati  To  All Panelists : I have e6000 in a multipak, each tube is a bit larger than super glue
01:27:13 From Pico Cantieni : I recommend Titebond Weathermaster urethane caulk as a super-tough and affordable glue. Also excellent for creating strain relief on power cords. 
01:27:19 From Karima Bondi  To  All Panelists : Hooray!!! You all are awesome! I am troubled by small bits of glue (single use?) and am trying to avoid leaving an ugly trail behind me. Thank you for addressing this issue and for caring.
01:27:29 From Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald : Thanks, Peter! I run a Facebook group called Modern Mending Club and DIY Sugru has been a hot topic there :)
01:28:40 From Peter Mui : What’s the make/model of the screwdriver?
01:30:17 From Hannah Scarpati  To  All Panelists : thank you for another great session.  sorry but I have to leave.  Everyone stay safe!
01:30:23 From John Wackman : Thank you Don & all. Great information--I learned a ton!
01:30:33 From Cathy Murphy : Thanks for joining in!
01:30:37 From Beccah : Erin that sounds like an awesome group!
01:31:03 From Peter Mui : Totally fixable!! But he needs to get in first: break open the plastic weld with a utility knife or a ceramic cutoff tool in a dremel tool.
01:32:15 From Jennifer M  To  All Panelists : That's brilliant, Chuk!
01:32:18 From Melissa Hizy  To  All Panelists : maybe solvent glue like methylene chloride. We used that with Plexiglas fabrication.
01:32:40 From Peter Mui : Score any seams with a utility knife
01:33:03 From Lee Morriss : Thanks. Again, I’ve expanded my knowledge and curiosity.
01:33:51 From Jonathan Axworthy  To  All Panelists : if you think it is held by a glue, could you drip a solvent to soften to detatch it?
01:35:04 From Peter Mui : Have a bucket of sand handy for Li-ion batteries
01:36:03 From Wally Robertson  To  All Panelists : By the way,  feed one of my two VCR players.  Not yet the must-standards one (yet) but 1 of 2 so far.  Thanks
01:36:12 From Melissa Hizy  To  All Panelists : thank you for your answer about the super glue in first aid.
01:38:03 From Pico Cantieni : I vote for a tape show !!!
01:38:10 From Peter Mui : +1 gaffer tape
01:38:23 From Beccah : Agreed, I love Gaff Tape!
01:39:08 From Peter Mui : Any comments on contact cement?
01:40:55 From Peter Mui : HH-66 for marine PVC applications like inflatable boats
01:41:03 From Christine Taschuk  To  All Panelists : sorry for the misspell, Beccah
01:41:24 From Pico Cantieni : Where did you get your Repair Café shirt?
01:42:52 From Jennifer M  To  All Panelists : Will the presentation pdf's be emailed to us, or posted somewhere for us to download?
01:42:53 From Cathy Murphy : I got the gray shirt at a thrift shop and they embroidered mine with Don's pattern.
01:43:12 From Beccah  To  Christine Taschuk and  All Panelists : No worries Christine!
01:43:56 From Beccah  To  Christine Taschuk and  All Panelists : Did we cover you question alright?
01:45:14 From Karima Bondi  To  All Panelists : Thank you Don and All. Very helpful. I got more than I bagarined for! Learned so much.
01:46:09 From Melissa Hizy  To  All Panelists : thank you so much, this has been very helpful.
01:46:54 From Mary Bingham  To  All Panelists : Thank you - great show