2020-09-10 Intergalactic Fixit Clinic

September 10 Virtual Fixit Clinic 561 hosted out of University of California at Berkeley, US
We saw:

-From AU-Victoria-Melbourne: Two electric over-blankets (1) Lumina TK062X122-1S (Aldi) (2) Homemaker TK160X120-180 (Kmart) https://www.kmart.com.au/wcsstore/Kmart/pdfs/42431060_Manual.pdf 2014 nothing happens when switched on. Watched a youtube troubleshooting video but didn't understand it.

-From US-California-Orinda: Vacuum cleaner Hoover HSCU8000S 2010 or earlier No suction.The roller goes around but there is no/little suction. I thought it was the belt, but it wasn’t. This happened suddenly; I was vacuuming and heard a pop and then there was no suction. No info, took it apart as far as I could, looked at owner's manual. Web was not helpful, I think because of the age. I took it apart to a point but couldn’t get at anything that looked like a connection to where the suction is. I have the original manual but that didn’t help. Can't figure out where the suction is generated.

-From US-California-San Diego: Automatic Grill and Waffle Baker (w NOT TEFLON! reversible flat grill/waffle plates) General Electric GE A3G44 CAT NO. A6G 448 1973 The heating coils don't heat - not sure where the break in the electric current could be. In the past we took it in for repair, but our appliance technician is no longer in business. Based on past repairs: I'm sure it is a simple break in attachment somewhere that is preventing the flow of electricity to the heating coils. I don't know how/where to locate the problem to fix it.
We have a MICRONTA 22-201U analog multimeter that shows/reads OHMS and AC/DC
We got our waffle iron in 1973. I have looked to see if I still had the booklet/recipes/info that came with it. Haven't located it, BUT did find some of the past paperwork for the service/repairs we had done.
Mar 1987 it was re-wired (that's all it said I don't know how much rewiring was done)
Sep 1992 the cord was replaced.
Sep 1997 we had two waffle irons repaired at the same time - the paperwork is cryptic, but
invoice one says: repaired two broken connectors - tested (no model # listed, but I think that was this appliance, the GE A3G44)
invoice two says: repaired broken connection from element to cord - tested (model # is Z1G48 - serial 639TD - I googled this and it looks like a newer model of my other iron)
Looking online I recognized by photo this waffler is the same model as mine. Here is a link:
https://www.ebay.com/itm/General-Electric-Automatic-Waffle-Baker-Maker-Reversible-Grill-Iron-A3G44-Tested/392863466802) It has a slide bar to control how dark you want the waffle. The clear glass indicator on the top glows red when the heating element is on and the current is flowing through. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfhEEp_7As0&feature=youtu.be

-From US-California-Berkeley: biophotonic light box Leanne Venier biophotonic LED Matrix 2018 usually I plug it in, and it lights up. Now I have to hold it at a very specific angle for the lights to turn on, and even then it does always work. No I haven't - I assume it's some kind of electrical shortage.

-From US-California-Fremont: Blender Black & Decker, Blender Black and Decker Blender Model: BLC12650HB 2016 Not turning on. When I plug it into the power, there is absolutely nothing happens. I am not sure where to start.

-From US-California-Redwood City: Radio Crosley CR3003-A BK 2014 Seems to have died.  No response when I turn it on. Until yesterday it always worked perfectly. http://www.crosleyradio.com/radios/product-details?productkey=CR3003A&model=CR3003A-BK

-From US-California-Castro Valley: electric drill Black & Decker 2020 the bit can't be come out i tried to use a wrench to do, but it even gets worse

-From US-California-Berkeley: Electric water kettle Hamilton Beach 40882E 2013 The kettle's on switch doesn't stay engaged; when we press it down to start boiling water, it springs back up. It's an intermittent issue; it works sometimes but it's hit or miss.The problems started a week ago but I don't remember any specific incident that would have suddenly caused it. Nothing yet https://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-Beach-40882E-Stainless-7-2-Cup/dp/B004XJWQZQ/

-From US-California-Berkeley: ott-lite true color lamp ott-lite olfo18tc 2010 or earlier "it has a two pronged plug- probably for Europe. I couldn't find a converter for it. I need to either replace the plug or find an adaptor for it. I have a working model of it.  I purchased it at a thrift shop for $10. At least I got a replacement bulb out of it!" I contacted Ott-Lite customer service. They said I can purchase a replacement ballast with complete cord. I will need help putting it in.  I had to give them a waiver of responsibility before they will allow me to purchase the part to repair the lamp. Is there a work around before I purchase the part?  the cost of the part, a replacement ballast with complete cord and shipping is around $40.00.  Please advise.  I don't have the part yet. I signed up for the next clinic at BPL, 9/10 so a quick reply from you will be appreciated!  If I don't get the part in time, I will try for a later date. Thank you for your help.


-From UK-Fife-Blebocraigs: Handheld blender, Kenwood, 700w Kenwood 2014 It packed up when I tried to blend some dates. Stopped suddenly. Not worked since. No. But I tried to get someone local to fix it but they never got back to me. Probably wasn't worth it. Not sure if it's possible even to open it up. Never done this before!